Printable 'Game of Thrones' Bunting

I recently threw a Game of Thrones themed dinner party, (you can read the menu and recipes here), and to help create the Westros feel, those lovely people at Ta Ta Dearie have kindly designed some free printable bunting.  It's easy to make, just download the Ta Ta Dearie printables and follow the instructions below. 

What you need:
Print outs x 2 of the downloadable bunting
5 metres of ribbon or string
Double sided tape
Scissors or a craft knife
If using a craft knife you'll need a steel rule and craft mat.

Download your printable bunting below by clicking the 'download original pdf' tab at the bottom of the box below.
First off, having printed out the printable bunting cut out the coats of arms so that as below - you want to have it so they are connected at the top so you can fold them over the ribbon. 

Score each lightly along the 'hinge' (so it is like an apex roof). 

Next take a piece of double sided tape and stick inside and at the top of the fold leaving a little gap for the sting or ribbon.  Please the ribbon / string in the gap.  Measure a ten cm gap and repeat all the way along until you've used up all your coats of arms. 

Voila, you've your 'Game of Thrones Bunting'! 


  1. The download original pdf box is not showing up.

  2. I have the same problem, the pdf box isn't loading to click on it. :(

  3. These are so cute. Has anyone actually been able to download them?

  4. Did anyone have any luck here or anywhere else with something similar?