FREE Printable Game of Thrones Chatterbox / Paper Fortune Teller / Cootie Catcher

I forgot all about 'chatterboxes' (also known as paper fortune tellers or cootie catchers) until my nieces and nephews came down for a visit to Sydney last Easter.  We were in the pub one afternoon (it was a holiday, it was one solitary drink, so stop shaking your head) and in an effort to entertain my nephew Sam my fab pal Susie was showing him how to make origami birds, and then a cootie catcher.  He loved it.  I made him another the next day.  I remembered how much I liked them when I was a kid.  Hell, I liked them now.

So, I asked the lovely people at Ta Ta Dearie if they produced any at all - turns out they offer a personalised range for weddings as table place settings.  I wish I'd had that at my wedding, they would have been fab.

But I digress, if you are putting together a Game of Thrones dinner then why not make a couple of Game of Thrones chatterboxes for the table?  Our friends at Ta Ta Dearie have created one just for us and it's completely free to download.  Just click below.  Don't know how to make them?  No probs, just follow the video at the bottom of this post.  

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