Appearance on the 2SER Breakfast Show's 'Weekly Feed'

So  a week and a bit a go I was on the 2SER Breakfast Show with the lovely Mitch Bryant to speak to him for the 'Weekly Feed' segment. 

The weather was really rather ghastly that weekend and subsequent Monday, so we spoke about preserving (both jams and chutneys) as well as infusing alcohol with flavours ready for Christmas. 

My UK friends who have listened to the segment have questioned whether my accent is taking on an Australian twang (it's not - really not), and the use of the Australiaism 'daggy' (what can I say, I watched a lot of 'Home and Away' when I was a kid, though I've yet to hear anyone here actually use the phrase), but in general it seems to have been well received (to my face at any rate). 


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