How to Make the Dragons' Eggs from Game of Thrones

I promised I’d show you how to make them, so here is my DIY guide on how to make the dragon’s eggs from Game of Thrones.

My lovely friend Imogen is a big Game of Thrones fans and got me into the show, and she is getting married soon, and this was a gift for her hen do. I know, some may argue that mixing Game of Thrones and weddings is not a good idea, but as this was a gift for her hen do, and as there hasn’t been hen parties featured on Game of Thrones, I thought we were safe. Dear Lord, could you imagine a Game of Thrones hen do? Cersei Lannister knocking back the wine making caustic comments on the bridal shower gifts *shudder*.  Any way, I digress, back to how to make the Game of Thrones Dragon's eggs.

Here’s what you’ll need
-    3 x Polystyrene eggs 12cm high
-    Around 2500-2700 brass thumb tacks / drawing pins
-    Superglue
-    Light grey priming spray suitable for metal (you can this in a model shop)
-    Metallic paints
-    Paint brush

Step One
Working from the top push the drawing pins into the egg working in circles so the drawing pins overlap each other.

Step Two
Continue until all the white surface of the egg is covered and you have the look of scales on the egg. For the final few pins at the bottom of the egg, pop a tiny amount of super glue on the bottom of the pin head when pushing into the egg. This will help keep it secure.  Repeat steps one and two for the other two eggs.

Step Three
Take a clean cloth and wipe the drawing pin covered eggs with a little warm water to ensure the surfaces are clean. Let them dry completely.

Step Four
I suggest you do next step outside and use a sheet to cover the ground and background. I have a bench in the garden which I covered with a sheet in order to do this next bit. The drawing pins I bought came in a handy pot which I was able to balance the eggs on when priming (and later painted) but alternatively, using the middle of a roll of selotape will help keep the eggs in place. Prime with the spray. I used long even strokes and lots of them. It’s much better to do it that way than putting on one thick layer. Wait for each layer to dry before adding more (which won’t take long with thin layers). The eggs will slowly turn from the gold of the brass drawing pins to a matt grey.

Step Five
Once the eggs are covered grey and completely dry it’s time for painting. The colours of the eggs on Game of Thrones are a rusty metallic red, a metallic gold, and a metallic green. I was able to get metallic acrylic paint from the variety store for just a few bucks. The green wasn’t dark enough, so I just added some additional black acrylic paint in order to get the deeper shade that was needed.

I used a soft brush and applied the metallic paint in thin layers letting each layer dry before moving onto the next one. I used the brush to push the paint into the crevices to ensure that it was properly covered. I painted around six thin layers to get the look I wanted.

Step Six
The hard work is done by this point as the eggs are finished, but as this was a gift I wanted to present it in a box. I managed to find a leather look box in a variety store. The box I got had a rather horrid fake Burberry print on the inside – shudder. I just got some nice quality black paper, cut it down to size and lined the box with it using double sided tape.  I filled the box with some bubble wrap before covering some black calico material on top and finally placing the eggs carefully inside.

Voila – a gift fit for a Kaleesi! But did it meet with the approval of the bride to be? I’ll let you be the judge of that...

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